Identify and sell more to your most valuable customers


Delstree makes this easy for you to identify and sell more to your most valuable customers through the use of RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetary) or RFV (Recency, Frequency & Value) analysis. A standard module integrates with your historic sales and returns information quickly and easily, so that you can segment your customers based on tried and trusted RFM rules.

I have seen businesses improve campaigns by 25% with the same marketing budget. There is plenty of literature on the web about RFM for you get up to speed on it. Delstree makes it easy for you to use and implement the strategies.

RFM analysis is all about sending the right message to the right groups of customer in an economic fashion. By not blanket mailing your complete customer database you will show your customers that you understand their needs and it will help to make them a more profitable customer.

Your top customers need to be reminded that you care

Those that have not bought from you in a while might need some persuasive offers to bring them back onboard

And those low spenders need an all together different strategy

RFM works on the simple premise as laid out below:

R - recency The customers that last bought something from you are more likely to purchase again.

F - frequency The customers that buy more frequently are, you guessed it, more likely to buy from you again.

M - monetary The highest spenders will help to create more successful campaigns. (This can be based on gross/net value or margin value)

RFM analysis is also useful to help identify customers that have been profitable customers in the past, but have not bought in the past X months or years. This group of customers react well to telesales campaigns because they know, understand and appreciate your product or service, by the fact fact that they have bought frequently in the past, and it is up to you to tempt them back with "can't beat" offers.