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Any returns/credits done to orders on or after 1st December 2008 that were ordered prior to 1st December 2008 will be credited using the VAT rate that was used on the invoice in accordance with the HM Revenues & Customs. Quotations that were raised before 1st December 2008 that are converted to orders on or after 1st December 2008 will use the new rates of VAT. Sales orders allocated before 1st December 2008 will be invoiced using the VAT rate of 17.5% where the invoices are created on or after 1st December 2008 in accordance with the HM Revenues & Customs. Sales orders placed before 1st December 2008, but not allocated/despatched until after or on 1st December 2008 will be invoiced at 15% in accordance with the HM Revenues & Customs. Web orders processed via the web interface will process orders at a VAT rate of 15% at the point that the Delstree VAT rate parameter is set to 15%. See the PDFs in the "Further Information" section for more information on how the new 15% VAT rate affects your business.

Delstree Control has been developed to work effectively & efficiently running in a networked environment.

Setting up a secure connection to allow access through your home broadband is easy. Access to the host machine/server is applied through a VPN or controlled firewall (installed and configured by Delstree). Access to the Delstree Control database is controlled with secure passwords.

The complete Delstree Control system has been designed to be very efficient in the way that it manages data. This means that a sales person out on the road can use a very slow mobile internet connection to access Delstree Control (where the correct security permissions are applied)

As a Sage partner, Delstree integrates completely with Sage Line 50. This ensures that information only needs to be entered once, and everybody with the correct permissions can see live up-to-date sales and purchase account details from within Delstree Control. All information generated by despatches, invoices, credits and receipts automatically update Sage Line 50.

The Delstree Control software runs on laptops or PCs running under Microsoft Windows. The Delstree Control information is held on a powerful MySQL database. The MySQL database does all the number crunching and is typically hosted on a Microsoft Windows PC/server, but it could easily sit on a Linux or Unix platform.

Go to the Downloads section of this website where you can find a "Delstree Control Overview" PDF file and other datasheets.

Operators are given the option to email correspondence as either Word documents or PDF files.

Sales Order Processing

Delstree control allows customers to be set up with different payment types allowing B2B customers to sit alongside consumer customers.

All customer and supplier correspondence generated by Delstree Control is driven by Word templates. For each document type there are two templates, one for printed documents (with or without letterhead logos & detail) and one for emailed/faxed documents (with letterhead info included).

All customer and supplier documents can be sent by email. The operator has the choice of how to send documents, either print or email. The option default is based on the customer's or supplier's preferred method of receiving correspondence.

Delstree integrates with Commidea & Datacash products for processing debit & credit cards. Both companies have full PCI accreditation. Delstree Control stores all card information using 128 bit AES encryption, giving you the piece of mind and security that your customers would expect from you when handling such important information.


Delstree Control is a truly multi-channel solution providing fully automated e-commerce integration with most sites via email, secure file transfer, or if you are an eBay trader Delstree Control can link securely and seamlessly with your eBay account.

Delstree does not develop e-commerce web sites, but we have a number of preferred suppliers whom we can recommend. If you require a web site to tell the world about your company and services (a vanity site), or you want to improve your web site so that it reflects your business in a professional manner Delstree can help you. We can also arm you with the information to ensure your web site appears on the relevant search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN ... We can advise on the best techniques for you to improve your natural long term growth or if you want immediate results look at sponsored links and pay per click options.

Training & Support

As part of the implementation and training Delstree includes time to go through all of the correspondence and helps you to set them up. Standard templates help this process.

Annual support and ongoing enhancements are included as part of the initial fee and ongoing annual licence fees.