Reporting & Analysis Strategies

Delstree is well placed to provide for all your reporting requirements, whetherreporting strategy you need:

Sophisticated OLAP reporting and analysis tools to slice and dice through millions of records in seconds

Management dashboards showing real-time KPIs (key performance indicators) across the complete operation

Simply require a suite of standard reports setting up for each of your departments

With expertise and experience that covers the re-structuring of NHS "HR and Payroll" reporting databases and developing complete SQL server and OLAP reporting and analysis solutions for large organisations, call today to discuss your requirements.

Available for MySQL databases.


With over 13 years of experience providing real solutions that make a difference to operations and business efficiencies, consultancy is available to identify IT integration requirements and ongoing improvements to business processes.

If you are reviewing your current system or looking to put a new system in place, take the opportunity to put industry-standard processes in place and identify redundant business practises - a number of existing working practises will have been driven by existing system deficiencies, bad habits and a bit of "because that's how we've always done it".

Call Delstree today to arrange an initial meeting to discover how much time and money you can save by empowering new processes and technology. Not only will you save money, we'll identify aspects of the business that can be grown through more effective use of the people and the current infrastructure.


Improved pick and despatch operations - Struggled to despatch all orders by the end of the day. Restructuring the operation meant that all orders were despatched by 4pm on the same day.

Generating purchase orders as part of the order process for shipped direct items not only saved time, but the implementation also included new kit options so that when the goods arrived they were the exact configuration. Not only improving customer relations, but saving money on additional despatches.


All implementations of Delstree Control includes training. Ongoing training can be tailored as business requirements expand.

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