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2011 was a brilliant year for us - we have extended our reach to the Republic of Ireland. 2012 will be even bigger - with new staff, loads of new features to the software and some very neat data conversion options from other back-office products, such as Vision & Prima, we'll be implementing more and more systems this year.

Businesses are always looking to grow sales. Delstree Control has some simple tricks that allow you to identify, in seconds, which of your customers stopped buying from you last year, two years ago or any date criteria that you might want to try. Drop them into a campaign and give to a sales person to get them buying back from you.

Moving forward Delstree is still building upon its strong alliances with business partners to provide full end-to-end solutions that encompass web sales, shop sales. All integrating fully and seamlessly with the backbone of the Delstree Control product.

Delstree is still very focussed on customer loyalty and this is being demonstrated with ongoing development. Because Delstree Control is a single release product any features that are developed get incorporated into the standard product and become available for any existing customer to take advantage of.

Thank you for your time and please contact Delstree if you have any software requirements you want to make your business more competitive.

Kind regards
Derek Hateley

Derek Hateley